Welcome to the ERGA Genome Tracking Console

The purpose of this tool is to facilitate the tracking of samples, sequencing status, assembly and annotation status, and facilitate the deposition of data into the ENA by keeping track of accession numbers.

If you'd like to help develop or submit issues, head on over to https://github.com/cnag-aat/ERGA-Status. You can also send feedback to denovo@cnag.eu.

How to use this tool.

All genome team members and project administrators are encouraged to register as soon as possible. During registration, you will be asked to enter your first, middle (optional) and last names, email, affiliation(s), ORCID (optional) and your expected role(s) in the project. The info collected will facilitate the compilation of author lists for the purpose of genome note publication, so enter your information as you would like to see it appear. Registration will also allow you to see target species and monitor project progress (sample collection, sequencing, assembly, annotation status, etc.). Administrators and team leads will be given additional permissions to see contact details, define and update genome teams or edit status. Once granted access, enter team member info using the appropriate link below:

Analogous links exist for other roles, including Sample Handling, Sample Collection, Taxonomic Identification, Vouchering, Biobanking, Barcoding and Community Annotation (not Ensembl).

Scripts will be provided in the github repo for updating the database with sample reception dates, seqeuncing runs and status, and assembly status. These will take as input tsv/csv text files with new or updated info.